1.       Vclean must not be responsible and liable for any kind of damages.

2.       This contract can not be transfered, deligated or otherwise assign to any other party and/or             any other address.

3.       If required, the handling, removal and/or disposal of hazardus and/or contaminated material           requiring special handling method or disposal in specific or special dump site is not included           in this contract.

4.       Vclean has agreed to provide three visit at specific three intervals i.e 2nd visit must be done              on or before fifth month from the 1st visit and 3rd visit on or before 9th month. Clinet is              responsible to take appointment. After fifth and ninth month service will be left.

5.       Part service is not allowed. If it is required then extra charges will be applicable.

6.       All dispute are subject to vadodara jurisdiction.